Tokyo ESP episode 3. They were not good guys. #ghostbusters

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Spending tonight reorganizing my comics. How exciting!

Then hopefully finally able to tidy up that corner of the room.

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Satoshi Kon - Editing Space & Time

Tony Zhou : “Four years after his passing, we still haven’t quite caught up to Satoshi Kon, one of the great visionaries of modern film. In just four features and one TV series, he developed a unique style of editing that distorted and warped space and time. Join me in honoring the greatest Japanese animator not named Miyazaki.”

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Comic Book Commissions by Philip Tan / Blog / Tumblr

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UNLEASH THE HOUNDS! Phew! #hearthstone #naxxramas

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Mariner’s Lair at the Nauti Otter in Seward, Alaska.

Contributed by Erik Jensen.

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Vitaly Bulgarov  TRANSFORMERS 4: Age Of Extinction Concept Art

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Hugh Ferriss, The Metropolis of Tomorrow

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X-Women by Gerald Parel

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Finally good to see Stjepan Sejic’s Death Vigil in print after deviantArt. 40+ pages of story for $3.99 cover price too, WOW!

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Just on case.

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Kacy Catanzaro: the first woman in history to qualify for Mt. Midoriyama.

I just need everyone to watch this video [x]. She’s a 5 foot, 100 lb gymnast and she beasts through this insanely difficult, heavily upper body focused course like it was her morning jog. The camera keeps cutting to these massive, musclebound men in the audience with their mouths hanging open. For those of us live in Canada and can’t watch the video.

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Wrath and Thunder | 2014

Inspired by Elizabeth I of England’s coronation portrait.

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Comic book readers in New York City, 1947 - by Ruth Orkin -

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